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Whether you are new to Christianity, new to The Rock or feel like your spiritual life needs a kickstart or a breath of fresh air, you will love this five-week discussion around the architecture of our faith. Led by Brad and Christy Herselman, this course explores how to take these truths and live them every day. A mix of teaching, testimony and discussion, this course will equip you to live in the free, full life Jesus died to give you.


This course is the fast-track to revival culture. Learn how to burn with passion for God as you experience His passion for you; walk in your God-given identity & purpose; and experience the power to heal the sick, prophesy, and live a victorious life. This 12 week course is led by Mark and Monique Nyman and focuses on the foundational Kingdom core values of a true modern-day revivalist representing God: Pursuing passion, purpose, and power.

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